New Concept School

New Concept School (NCS) founded in 1974, the educational division of the Institute of Positive Education (IPE), is a pre-school servicing children ages 2 1/2 to 5 years old. Our curriculum is designed to foster team work and to challenge the academic, social and physical development of our students.

The mission of the Nsormoa Unity Afterschool Programs is to provide out-of-school programming for students from K-8th grade with academic, recreational and arts programs that integrate cultually relevant experiences and cultural art programs.

Special Events

Summer Programs

Camp Cul-Tech and Zaidi Shule Artist Camp Summer Program are 4-6 week summer programs for school-age children, 6 to 12 years old.  These programs are designed to provide fun and cultural enriching summer activities. Program activities include Art, Dance, Music, Drumming, Gardening, Design and Music Production, Sports Activities and a variety of field trips.

The Institute of Positive Education participates in a number of community activities with Betty Shabazz International Charter School, Black Oaks Center for Sustianable Living, Coballa Productions, Kwanzaa Y2K Productions, Third World Press and the African International House. Activities include Pre-Kwanzaa Celebrations, Dance and Drumming Showcases, Author's Roundtables and the Bernice Gardner Children's Pavillion at the African Festival of the Arts.

After-School Programs

Our Philosophy

There are a lot of issues that our community faces, not the least of which is public education. The Institute of Positive Education uses the principles found in African-centered education to bring residents together to identify issues and provide educational solutions. African-centered education is a holistic approach to meet students' intellectual, social, emotional needs. We also emphasize healthy physical development. IPE uses curriculum and strategies to support  positive identity development to help students understand their roles as citizens of the world and their power and influence on the world.